Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pymatuning Panorama Pictures

This is huge man-made lake on the Pennsylvania/Ohio border. It was built for flood control at the end of the Great Depression. We stopped there to feed the fish, so I took the opportunity to take some good ole' panos... Whatcha' think?

This is my least favorite of the day. Color is a bit off and it is  leaning to the right. I guess if everyone just holds their head a little to the right... :-)

This is a 4 shot image. I like it a little better than the top one. 

And here is my favorite. I like the colors in this one the best and I think it turned  out the best as well. It is a massive 7 shot pano and covers 180 degree view of the lake. I like it a lot...


  1. Damon, these are gorgeous! Almost makes me want a blue room! Just gorgeous!

  2. You would have to have a big room. The big one would be over 10 ft long if you only did 12 inches tall...