Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pictures from the middle of the road and some new friends

Hey guys, been a while. Thought I would check in with a few pictures that I took today. It has been a fairly dreary winter thus far. Just cold and wet. Not even any good snow to enjoy. Today, I thought I would try a different perspective on downtown. Hope you like.

Of course, walking downtown always means watching people...

I also met a couple of guys today that I would like to share with you.

This is Vincent and Jesse. I met them both under the walking bridge today. They were escaping the rain and trying to stay warm. Both happen to be from the West. One from California and the other from Arizona. One stays because he is on probation and the other stays because he hasn't felt the need to move on yet. They seemed somewhat reticent to talk with me at the beginning, but after a few minutes, opened up. It was not much of a conversation, but a pleasant diversion from the weariness of the day. Topics ranged from places to visit to places that history has already visited. We left on amicable terms. I told them to say hey if we happened upon each other again.  Who knows. Maybe they were only friends for today. The question is whether or not that moment was used or wasted...

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