Monday, October 24, 2011

More Fall Colors

There are the rest of the pictures from my hike on this past Saturday. I went up to North Chickamauga Pocket Wilderness for about a 6 mile hike. The good news is that I got more than sore knees, ankles, and a huge blister on my heal (wore the wrong boots)... I came home with pictures. I know, I know... Big Shocker, Right?

This is the counterpart to the picture I did for the free download this month. (You can find that post by clicking here.) I kind of like the contrast of the red leaf in the water surrounded by the green algae. The low angle and kind of off line tend to draw the eye. It is not a classical composition, and they say you should never break the rules, but you all know me...

I liked the contrast of the tree up against the cliff face. It was beauty nestled up to the rigid coldness of the rocks. If I had to choose, I think the second would be my pick from this lot. The sunlight filtering through the leaves gives a bluish haze. The third one has the same elements, but just not as much.

These last two, I was struck by the orange leaves carpeting the ground with the sun gleaming off them. It was a surreal feeling to be walking on a brown path and suddenly have this break the monotone color scheme around you. 

What news from your neck of the woods? I hope everyone is getting to enjoy this beautiful time of year. I will be looking forward to seeing some more of it over the next few weeks. This winter looks to be fairly mild. Normally that means a lack of snow, so it might mean a necessary practice session of still life pictures or two... :-) 

Anyway, enough from me. Have a good week and I will talk with you later.

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