Saturday, November 5, 2011

I gotta visit this place some day...

So, if you have peaked at the file name of the picture, you will have a pretty good idea that this is not one of mine. It was taken by Trey Ratliffe. His site is He does some amazing work with standard and HDR photography. Some of his work will really amaze you. This particular image was taken in Chile. The mountains you see in the background are the Andes.

I really like the contrast in the sky and the road leading off into the distance. What do you think?

Are there any places you would like to visit? It seems like my list keeps getting longer and longer. I would love to spend time just taking in the views. Maybe a month in the American southwest, a few weeks along the Pacific Coast Highway, Fall in New England, spring in the Badlands... I think you are getting the picture.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Talk to you guys later.

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