Sunday, July 29, 2012

Looking into the mirror... revisited

Some time ago, I put out a post about taking time to see the affects of our choices in our past. (That post is here) That post focused more on the bad choices and ugly part of our past.
Recently, some friends have been challenging me on taking time to see the good things also. There is a balance that should be had in times of retrospect. It is easy to hold one side or the other. The temptation to forget the ugly and hold only the good times is normal. On the other hand, forgetting the good and beating beating ourselves up for the ugly is commonly seen as well. It is almost like if we can heap enough guilt or shame on ourselves, then we can undo the wrong and hurt we have caused the people around us.
It should not be an "either/or" proposition. Truth is real and we need to live in it to lead healthy lives. Do you have balance? Can you see your past for what it is and not how you would have it be?

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