Monday, April 4, 2011

The Man in the Mirror

Every once in a while, you see something that makes you stop and think. Too frequently, I tend to pass right by and not take in the things that should make me pause. 

When I saw this man walking down the street, I knew I wanted a picture of him. But I couldn't get me, the camera, and the composition lined up quickly enough to get the right shot. After I had given up and started to load myself into the truck, I saw this in my mirror. I grabbed my camera and pushed the shutter on whatever settings were input from the last shot. 

For me, it has a very emotional reaction. My first response is one that I talked about earlier. Sometimes though, it seems like we plow through life regardless of the wreckage we leave behind in other people's lives. Life is about living each moment, but more often than not, that moment is defined by the ones that led up to it. Look around. See where you have come from. Know where you are going. What do you think? What do you see in this sliver of time?

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