Friday, April 15, 2011

April Photo Give-away!

Alright people! It is that time again. Last month was a huge success, so I am hoping for a repeat this month. Go ahead and limber  up your fingers and get ready to do some typing! :-)

This month, you can choose any size up to an 8 by 12 of one of the following:

Downtown Chattanooga
Hunter Art Museum and Walnut Street Bridge
Spring Redbud Tree

It will be same rules as the last one. You can enter by sharing this link on Facebook, by becoming a follower, or by subscribing via Feedburner. Just like last time, when you do any of the above, email me ( or comment on this post so I can get your name in the drawing. This will run through April 23rd, so there is lots of time to get in on this. On the 24th, I will have my kids pick a random number and that person will be the winner.

I am pretty excited about these! Can't wait to see how it goes. So without further ado... Contest officially started!

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